Lomonosov 2018
9 - 13 Apr 2018

Lomonosov 2018

International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov-2018"

Москва, Россия
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Structure of the conference

In April 2018, within the framework of the International Youth Scientific Forum "Lomonosov-2018" the XХV International Scientific Conference of Students, Post-Graduates and Young Scientists "Lomonosov" will be held at the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

The official website of the conference is lomonosov-msu.ru. The site provides general information about the conference, the subject and the structure of each section, the abstract formatting guidelines and the electronic registration system.

The work of the conference is covered the following sections:

  1. Bioengineering and Bioinformatics
  2. Биология
  3. Asian and African Studies
  4. Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics
  5. Geography
  6. Geology
  7. Глобалистика и геополитика
  8. Государство, бизнес, гражданское общество
  9. Государственное и муниципальное управление
  10. Public audit
  11. Journalism
  12. Innovation in chemistry: progress and prospects
  13. Innovative natural resources management
  14. Искусствоведение
  15. History and Art History
  16. Space Research in the Modern Context
  17. Mathematics and mechanics
  18. Management
  19. World Politics
  20. Педагогическое образование и образовательные технологии
  21. Political Sciences
  22. Почвоведение
  23. Teaching Russian language and fundamental subjects to foreign students
  24. Psychology
  25. Связи с общественностью и теория коммуникации
  26. Social studies and modernity
  27. Sociology
  28. Телевидение
  29. Theory, History and Methodology of Translation
  30. Физика
  31. Philology
  32. Philosophy. Cultural studies. Religious studies
  33. Fundamental medicine
  34. Fundamental materials science and nanomaterials
  35. Economics
  36. Law Sciences

The working languages of the conference are Russian and English. Students (specialists, bachelors and masters), postgraduates and young scientists up to the age of 35 from universities and the scientific institution of any country of the world can take part in the conference.

Aspirants, lecturers and assistant professors are considered young scientists. Candidates of science under the age of 35 can participate within the framework of separate subsections provided that the decision is made by the organizing committees of the corresponding section. Professors and doctors of science can’t participate in the conference even if they are younger than 36 years old.

If the research work is done in co-authorship, each of the co-authors shall comply with the standards requirements to the participants of the conference. Co-authorship with an academic supervisor is not allowed, but you can be thanked in the note. The allowed quantity of co-authors is determined by the organizing Committee of a particular section.

Upon the proposal of expert councils of the sections and the decision of the organizing committee, authors of the best abstracts (specially invited participants) will be provided free accommodation in the dormitory of Moscow State University.

Those wishing to participate in the conference can submit their abstracts to the organizing committee until the 25th of February 2018 (inclusive) ONLY using the electronic registration system to be able to take part in the screening for further participation. Applications received by mail or by e-mail are neither considered nor registered.

Expertise and competitive selection of applications are carried out by expert councils (jury) of the conference’s sections, headed by leading scientists of Lomonosov Moscow State University and the Russian Academy of Sciences. The invitation of selected participants is carried out by the organizing committee upon the proposal of expert councils no later than two weeks prior to the conference.

A DVD-disk with the conference's abstracts (with ISBN) will be distributed to participants of the conference. All the conference materials will be published on the conference's website.

Towards the end of the conference, upon the proposal of the expert councils, the organizing committee will award the participants presenting the best reports with honorary diplomas of the conference.