Lomonosov 2021

28th International Scientific Conference for Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Young Scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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Philosophy. Cultural studies. Religious studies

Organizing committee:

Chairman: Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, MSU, associated Prof. Aleksey P. Kozyrev
deputy dean, associated Prof. Igor L. Krupnik
Executive secretary: Angelina V. Baeva


1.    Ontology and epistemology

2.    Logic

3.    History of foreign philosophy

4.    Aesthetics

5.    Ethics

6.    Philosophical anthropology

7.    History of Russian philosophy

8.    Philosophy and methodology of science

9.    Social philosophy and philosophy of history

10.  History and theory of world culture

11.  Cultural studies

12.  Philosophy of religion and religious studies

13.  Philosophy of education: actual discourses

14.  Philosophy of language

15.  Philosophy of policy and law

16.  Philosophy of video games

17.  Strategic management and economic policy

18.  Contemporary popular culture studies

19.  Biology, medicine and philosophy: common problematics of disciplines

20. Philosophy of Technology


Executive secretary — Angelina Baevaa-baeva93@mail.ru

The coordinator of the sections "Biology, medicine and philosophy", "Philosophy of Technology" (with TU Dresden) is the postgraduate of this departament Alexey Iakovlev: a.a.jakowlew@gmail.com