6 - 9 Nov 2012
MSU, Tomsk, Россия

Modern problems of geography and the way of their decision

The All-Russian scientific conference with the international participation «Modern problems of geography and the way of their decision»

Dear colleagues!
We are glad to invite you to take part in the All-Russian scientific conference with the international participation «Modern problems of geography and the way of their decision», devoted to the 90 anniversary of geography chair of Tomsk state university. The conference is to be held on November, 6 - 9, 2012
The chair was founded in 1922. Over 2000 geographers have been prepared by this chair since its very beginning. Among graduates of the chair are winners of the state awards, the honors pupils of national education, deserved teachers of schools of the Russian Federation, the chiefs of schools, researchers of higher educational institutions, design and scientific research institutes. Many chairs of universities and institutes of Siberia, the Far East, the European part of Russia and large industrial organizations are headed by them.
The conference aims to unite scientists and experts in the field of geography and interdisciplinary sciences for distribution of the advanced scientific experience, and for the formation of scientific culture of young researchers.
Within the frames of conference the solemn actions devoted to anniversary of chair, plenary and section sessions, poster's session are planned. Conference language is Russian and English. Research assistants, experts, teachers of High school and teachers, post-graduate students, undergraduates, students and schoolboys are invited. Competition for the best scientific report will be organized for young participants (the age till 33 years) In case of correspondence participation, conference papers will be sent to all participants.

- Paleogeography of Quater
- Structure and dynamics of natural and anthropogenic landscapes
- Modern processes of relief-formation and methods of their research
- Theoretical and applied questions of economic and social geography
- Geoecology, environmental management and its protection
- Innovative methods and technologies in geography
- Recreational potential of territories and prospect of tourism development
- Modern problems of geographical education
- Research of processes in the atmosphere and the hydrosphere
- Geographical researches and projects of schoolboys


Lomonosov Moscow State University
Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation
Tomsk state university
Geology and geography faculty TSU
Russian geographical society, Tomsk office
Young scientists council


The questions connected with registration of materials and electronic registration of participants direct on e-mail zoikwas@rambler.ru (the contact person - Kvasnikova Zoya Nikolaevna). Organizational questions can be set on e-mail mkashiro@yandex.ru (the contact person Kashiro Margarita Aleksandrovna)