20 - 22 Июн 2012


2-nd International Conference «Terahertz and Microwave radiation: Generation, Detection and Applications»

Москва, Россия
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20 - 22 Июн 2012
МГУ, Москва, Россия


2-nd International Conference «Terahertz and Microwave radiation: Generation, Detection and Applications»

О мероприятии
The TERA-2012 conference is devoted to the fundamental and applied issues of the generation and detection of terahertz and microwave radiation as well as their interaction with matter. The Conference will be held in Lomonosov Moscow State University in the form of plenary (40 min talks), invited (30 min talks), oral (20 min talks), and poster presentations.

All contributions will be reviewed for technical merit and content by the International Program Committee on the basis of the abstracts submitted by the authors. Main criteria for paper acceptance are originality, significance of presented results, quality and completeness of the abstracts. The accepted papers will be assigned to either oral or poster presentation at the discretion of the International Program Committee.

All contributions should be presented in English that is the official language of the Conference.

Topics and sections

-Modern methods of generation of terahertz and microwave radiation.
-Detection of terahertz and microwave radiation. Metrology in terahertz frequency range.
-Study of materials (including nano- and metamaterials) with the help of terahertz and microwave radiation. Time-domain and continuous-wave spectroscopy.
-Interaction of high power terahertz and microwave radiation with matter. Application of terahertz radiation for the research and control of ultrafast process in physics, chemistry and biology.
-Terahertz and microwave imaging: radiovision, tomography and near-field microscopy.
-Systems of security and non-destructive control using terahertz and microwave radiation.
-Communication in terahertz frequency range.
-Medical and biological applications of terahertz wave radiation


Московский государственный университет имени М.В.Ломоносова, Физический факультет
МГУ им. М.В. Ломоносова,
Институт Прикладной Физики Российской Академии Наук (ИПФ РАН)
Институт ядерной физики им. Будкера СО РАН

Контактная информация

WWW: http://tera2012.phys.msu.ru/
e-mail: TERA2012@physics.msu.ru

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