Lomonosov 2020

XXVII International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Lomonosov"

Moscow, Russia
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History and Art History
1. History of Russia from 9th to the end of 18th century
2. History of Russia in 19th – early 20th century
3. Soviet and post-Soviet history
4. History of the CIS countries
5. History of ancient civilizations
6. Medieval studies (Western Europe and Byzantium)
7. Modern history of European and American Countries
8. Contemporary history of European and American Countries
9. History of Southern and Western Slavs
10. Historical Information Science
11. Archaeology and Ethnology
12. History and theory of art
13. Ecclesiastical history
14. History of social movements and political parties
15. History of the diasporas and migration processes

E-mail: lomonosov.history@yandex.ru