Lomonosov 2020

XXVII International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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Section Philology

Chairman — Prof. Andrey Lipgart, PhD, acting Dean of the Philological Faculty, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Deputy Chairman — Prof. Olga Alexandrova, PhD, Deputy Dean for Research
Executive secretary — Alexey Belikov, PhD, President of the Young Researchers’ Council at the Philological Faculty


  1. Russian Language (its history, etymology, dialectology, phonetics and phonology, lexicology and lexicography, morphology, syntax, language of fiction, speech and text, terms and terminological systems)
  2. Russian for Foreign Students (theory and methodology of teaching)
  3. English Philology
  4. Baltic Literature and Languages
  5. Byzantine and Romaic Philology
  6. Germanic and Celtic Philology
  7. Ibero-Romance Philology
  8. Classical Philology
  9. German Philology
  10. Romance Philology
  11. Philology of Slavonic Languages
  12. Finno-Ugric Philology
  13. French Philology
  14. Language life, geolinguistics and artificial languages
  15. History of the World Literature
  16. History of the Russian Literature (the Old Russian Literature, the literature of the XVIIIc., the Literature of the XIXc.)
  17. History of the Russian Literature of the XX-XXIcc. (Silver Age of Russian Literature, Literature of the XXc., Russian Literature Abroad, the Newest Russian Literature)
  18. General and Contrastive Linguistics
  19. Russian Folklore
  20. Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
  21. Theory of Discourse and Communication
  22. Theory of Literature (the main issues, comparative literary criticism)
  23. Rhetoric
  24. Philological Study of Text Translations
  25. Language and Languages in the Internet Communication
Alexey Belikov — executive secretary of the section
e-mail: conf.philol@gmail.com (with “Lomonosov-2020” in the subject line)

Section news will be published on the forum https://lomonosov-msu.ru/rus/event/forum/thread/3068/list and on the VK.com social network: https://vk.com/feelnewsmsu