Lomonosov 2020

XXVII International Scientific Conference of Students, Postgraduates and Young Scientists "Lomonosov"

Moscow, Russia
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Fundamental medicine


1) Experimental studies.
2) Clinical medicine.

3) Regenerative medicine.


1)  External round: abstract; 
2)  Internal round I (for ALL participants who will be accept to internal round): poster session; 
3)  Internal round II: oral presentation.

Requirements for posters and oral presentations:

Poster: format - A1, vertical.
Oral presentation:  10 minutes, Power point presentation

Organizing Committee:

Chairman – Prof. Tkachuk Vsevolod Arsenievich, Academician of  the RAS, Dean of  the Faculty of  Medicine;
Deputy Chairman - Prof. Archipenko Yury Vladimirovich, Sci.D.,  Vice-Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Faculty of Medicine;
Member – Gaifullin Nurshat Minullaevich, Ph.D., assistant professor, Associate Dean of  the Faculty of Medicine;
1st Secretary – Ekaterina Zimakova, The Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of the Faculty of  Medicine. 


Tkachuk Vsevolod Arsenevich, Academician of the RAS, Dean;
Avdeev Vladimir Georgievich, Ph.D., Ass. Prof., Dept. of Internal Medicine;
Akopian Vladimir Sergeyevich, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Ophthalmology, Head;
Arkhipenko Yury Vladimirovich, Sci.D., Prof., Adaptive Medicine Laboratory, Head;
Baranov Anatoly Petrovich, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Therapy, Head;
Buravkov Sergey Valentinovich, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Ecological and Emergency Medicine;
Vladimirov Yuri Andreevich, Ac. of RAS, Dept. of Medical Biophysics, Head;
Davydova Maria Pavlovna, Ph.D., Dept. of Physiology and General Pathology;
Dubrov Vadim Erikovich, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Surgery, Head;
Kalenikova Elena Igorevna, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Pharmaceutics, Head;
Koshelev Vladimir Borisovich, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Normal and Pathological Physiology, Head;
Loginov Vasily Anatolyevich, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Ecological and Emergency Medicine;
Makunin Vladimir Ivanovich, Sci.D., Ass. Prof., Dept. of Multidisciplinary Clinical Training; 
Mironov Nikolay Evgenyevich, Ph.D., Ass. Prof., Dept. Dept. of Multidisciplinary Clinical Training;
Krasnova Tatyana Nikolayevna, Ph.D., Ass. Prof., Dept. of Internal Medicine;
Panina Olga Borisovna, Sci.D., Prof., Dept. of Obstetrics and Gynecology;
Petrov Dmitry Yryevich, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., Dept.of Surgery;
Samokhodskaya Larisa Mihaylovna, Ph.D., Assistant Prof., Dept. of Biological and Medical Chemistry.


1st Secretary – Ekaterina Zimakova, The Chairman of the Student Scientific Society of the Faculty of  Medicine
e-mail: zimakova@fbm.msu.ru