Lomonosov 2019

International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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Philosophy. Cultural studies. Religious studies

Organizing committee:

Chairman — Corresponding Member of RAS, Prof. Vladimir V. Mironov, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy, MSU
Vice-chairmen: associated Prof. Aleksey P. Kozyrev, deputy dean;
Dr. Stanislav A. Bushev, deputy dean
Executive secretary: Angelina V. Baeva


Board of experts:

Chairman — associated Prof. Aleksey P. Kozyrev, deputy dean

Members: Associated Prof. Kira Ju. Alasania, associated Prof. Alexey I. Boldyrev, Prof. Olga Y. Boitsova, 
postgraduate Alexander S. Vetushinskiy, dr. Vyacheslav A. Danilov, associated Prof. Irina I. Ershova, dr. Marina O. Kedrova, associated Prof. Natalya Yu. Klyueva, associated Prof. Anna A. Kostikova, associated Prof. Vladimir S. Krghevov, postgraduate Anastasia I. Kriman, associated Prof. Vasily J. Kuznecov, dr. Artemiy R. Kurbanov, dr. Dmitry G. Mironov, associated Prof. Alexey V. Nikandrov, postgraduate Elizaveta A. Rojdestvenskaya, dr. Andrey G. Rukavishnikov, postgraduate Alexey S. Salin, associated Prof. Oksana M. Sedykh, associated Prof. Andrey G. Sytin, associated Prof. Alexey A. Skvorcov, dr. Lynn A. Khanova, dr. Vasilyi O. Shangin, associated Prof. Svetlana V. Shleytere, Prof. Igor N. Yablokov, postgraduate Alexey A. Iakovlev.


1.    Ontology and epistemology

2.    Logic

3.    History of foreign philosophy

4.    The contemporary aesthetic field: theory and practice

5.    Ethics

6.    Philosophical anthropology

7.    History of Russian philosophy

8.    Philosophy and methodology of science

9.    Social philosophy and philosophy of history

10.  History and theory of world culture

11.  Cultural studies

12.  Philosophy of religion and religious studies

13.  Design of education: philosophical reflection

14.  Philosophy of language

15.  Philosophy of policy and law

16.  Philosophy of video games

17.  Strategic management and economic policy

18.  Contemporary popular culture studies

19. The problem of the Posthuman in contemporary philosophical anthropology


Executive secretary — Angelina Baeva

E-mail: a-baeva93@mail.ru


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! We invite you to participate in the work of these subsections at the conference "Lomonosov" on April, 2018. They are organized together with the departamen for Philosophy of Technology of the TU Dresden (Germany):

20.  Biology, medicine and philosophy: common problematics of disciplines (round-table discussion)

21. Philosophy of Technology (together with the departamen for Philosophy of Technology of the TU Dresden, Germany)

The coordinator of the sections is the postgraduate of this departament Alexey Iakovlev. The submission deadline is the same as for other sections of the conference. Working languages: English, Russian, German. If you have any questions or if there are problems with the registration, please write to the coordinator of the subsection: a.a.jakowlew@gmail.com


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren! Wir laden Sie zur Teilnahme an der Arbeit der Sektion „Technikphilosophie“ an der Konferenz „Lomonosow“ am 11. April 2019 ein. Diese Sektion ist gemeinsam mit der Professur für Technikphilosophie der TU Dresden organisiert. Leiter der Sektion ist Doktorand der Professur Alexey Iakovlev . Deadline der Abgabe der Abstracts ist gleich, wie bei anderen Sektionen der Konferenz. Arbeitssprachen: Englisch, Russisch, Deutsch Wenn Sie Fragen haben, oder wenn es Probleme mit der Anmeldung gibt, schreiben Sie bitte dem Leiter der Sektion. a.a.jakowlew@gmail.com