Lomonosov 2019

International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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Social Studies and Modernity

The organizing committee:

Chairman - Director of VSHSSN (faculty) of Lomonosov Moscow State University, academician Osipov G. V.
Executive secretary - Natalia Koroleva 

The subsections:

1. Sociological Research of Modernity: Theories, Methods, Results
(Head of section is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor Orlova I.B.);

2. Sociology of security
(Head of section is corresponding member of RAS Schultz V.L.);

3. Socio-Demographic Situation in Modern Russia
(Heads of section: Doctor of Economics, Professor Iontsev V.A., Doctor of Economics, Professor Vorobyeva O.D.);

4. Young people in a transforming Russian society
(Head of section is Candidate of sociological sciences Sorokin O.V.);

5. Management in the Information Society
(Heads of section: Doctor of Economics Maksimov Y.N., Candidate of sociological sciences, Associate professor Slabov S.S.);

6. Sociology of political processes
(Heads of section: Candidate of sociological sciences Korneeva I.I., Candidate of sociological sciences Zimova N.S.);

7. Sociology of social networks and new technological order
(Head of section: Candidate of economic sciences Grebenyuk A.A.);

8. Migration processes in modern society
(Head of section: Doctor of Economics, Professor Vorobyeva O.D.).

The contacts of the Executive Secretary:
mail.ru  -  natachka-97@mail.ru