Lomonosov 2019

International scientific conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School invites all talented, innovative and unconventionally thinking students and young scientists to participate in
ХХVI International Student, Postgraduate and Young Scientists Conference "Lomonosov-2019".

We suggest participants of the conference to cover one of the following topics in Management which will be accepted for consideration:

-human behavior in mangement and organizational processes;
-company project management;
-organizational behavior and changes;
-human resources management;
-leadership and ethics;
-company`s strategy development;
-company financial management;
-assessment of innovative projects;
-innovation management and entrepreneurship;
-business strategy development in digital economics;
-venture business;
-project management;
-company`s strategy marketing development;
-new product launch:marketing, strategy development, advertising;
-entrepreneurship and new business creation;
-social entrepreneurship;
-corporate social responsibility;
-supply chain management;
-practical solution of actual problems in Russian companies


The preferences will be given to the practice-oriented research which results may have practical value for modern companies and entrepreneurs.
It is planned to publish materials according to the results of the conference.

The first part of the "Management" section will be held in the format of discussion of participants` reports.

In the secons part all participants will be able to atend a master class from company representatives.

Organizing Committee:
Professor Oleg S.Vikhanskiy, Dean of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School;
Deputy Chairman - Stanislav R.Smirnov, Associate Dean for Academic Research;
Secretary - Daria F. Denisova, Head of the International Office.

Council of Experts:
Chairman -
Professor Oleg S.Vikhanskiy, Dean of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School;
Deputy Chairman - Stanislav R.Smirnov, Associate Dean for Academic Research.

Members of the Council of Experts:
Vera Y.Kononova, Sergey M. Zaverskiy,Sergey V.Shaposhnikov Alexander A.Grytsenko, Irina A. Petrovskaya.

Address: 1-52 Leninskie gory, 119234 Moscow, Business School

Website: http://mgubs.ru/
E-mail: denisova@mgubs.ru - Daria Denisova, Secretary of the section "Management",
senyushkina@mgubs.ru - Margarita Senyushkina, Assistant Secretary.

Directions to Building 1

By Public Transport

Metro station «Universitet», exit to the Lomonosovskij Prospect, cross the road (Lomonosovskij Prospect) and go left along the fence (along the Lomonosovskij Prospect towards the main building of Moscow State University), turn right at the first gate and go further towards the main building. Before reaching the high gray glass building (second Humanities Building), turn right and go up to the building of Lomonosov MSU Business School.
By car
Turn from Lomonosovskij Prospect to the Lebedeva street, then in the second gate in the iron fence on the right, and right behind the first building (high gray glass building, a second Humanities Building) on the right.