Department of Higher Algebra becomes 90

International Conference dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Higher Algebra Department of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics of Moscow State University

Москва, Россия
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Plenary speakers include:
  • A. Ya. Kanel-Belov (Bar-Ilan University): «Bergman's theorem, quantization, and generic matrices»
  • D. D. Kiselev (Russian Foreign Trade Academy): «On the problem of immersion into the Nottingham group»
  • A. A. Klyachko (Moscow State University): «Intersection of subgroups in groups similar to free groups»
  • P. S. Kolesnikov (Sobolev Instutute of Mathematics): «Quadratic conformal algebras and Poisson algebras»
  • M. I. Kuznetsov (State University of Nizhni Novgorod): «Problems in classification of simple modular Lie algebras: graded algebras and their deformations»
  • V. T. Markov (Moscow State University), A. A. Tuganbaev (Moscow Power Engineering Institute): «Centrally essential rings»
  • A. Yu. Olshanskiy (Moscow State University, Vanderbilt University): «Conjugation problem in groups and isoperimetric functions»
  • V. V. Shokurov (Steklov Instutute of Mathematics, John Hopkins University): «Boundedness of log-canonical index»
  • D. A. Timashev (Moscow State University): «Characterization of generalized Grassmannians in terms of varieties of minimal rational tangents»
  • A. V. Vasilyev (Sobolev Instutute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk State University): «2-closure of the permutation group, Weisfeiler-Leman closure of a colored graph and the isomorphism problem»
  • N. A. Vavilov (St. Petersburg State University): «Recent results on isotropic reductive groups»
  • S. V. Vostokov (St. Petersburg State University): «Explicit reciprocity laws and cryptography»
  • O. S. Yakimova (University of Cologne): «Classical examples and new aspects of complete integrability related to coisotropic actions»
  • V. I. Yanchevskii (National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Institute of Mathematics): «Graded algebras and anisotropic algebraic groups of classical type»
  • M. V. Zaitsev (Moscow State University): «Codimension growth of central polynomials»