Readings in Memory of V.I. Fatyuschenko

The 8th International Conference "The Creative Individual in the Cultural Context: Readings in Memory of V.I. Fatyuschenko"

Москва, Россия
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26 - 27 Oct 2018
MSU, Москва, Россия

Readings in Memory of V.I. Fatyuschenko

The 8th International Conference "The Creative Individual in the Cultural Context: Readings in Memory of V.I. Fatyuschenko"


The conference aims to understand, preserve and develop the element of the creative individual in culture. The conference focuses on the comprehensive research of philosophical, artistic, historical, linguistic, folkloric, literary, and religious aspects of creativity as a culture-forming process at the core of human productive activity; on preserving the memory of creative individuals whose transformative work was instrumental in shaping national traditions and world culture; on the study of the image of the creative individual in art and literature. 

The following aspects will receive special attention at the conference:

1.     The historical heritage and spiritual values of Russia.
2.     Creative traditions in national cultures and folklore.
3.     Tradition and art in indigenous cultures. In memory of A.V. Vaschenko
4.     Historical memory as a collective text.
5.     Text as a scenario of identity.
6.     The individual reflected in the text: autobiography in culture.
7.     Pedagogy as creativity: historical and contemporary perspectives.
8.     Musurgia universalis: creativity in the musical cultures of the world.

We invite scholars, teachers, postgraduate and graduate students, independent researchers as well as professionals working in cultural institutions and involved in individual research.

Presentations during the plenary meeting, section meetings and master classes should not exceed 20, 15 and 35 minutes respectively.

Applications and abstracts are to be sent to no later than September 15, 2018. Papers in the form of a scientific article are sent to the address of the Conference Committee before November 15, 2018. The name of the file with the application must include the name of the author and the word zayavka (eg. Ivanov_zayavka.docx). The name of the file containing the paper should include the name of the author and the word doklad (e.g. Ivanov_doklad.docx).

The application should include the following information:

Full Name (in English)*
Workplace (in English)*
Academic title, degree, and position*
Contact information
Form of participation (paper, presentation, master class)*
Paper title (in English)*
Abstract (150-200 words)*
Required technical equipment
Dates of accommodation (if needed)
Additional information

The entries marked with an asterisk (* ) are obligatory.

The Conference Committee reserves the right not to accept applications that were submitted after the deadline, that do not correspond to the theme of the conference, or that do not conform to the guidelines for formatting. Authors and co-authors are fully responsible for the submitted materials.Upon registration, the participants will be offered a cultural program for October 28, 2018 (Sunday).

Electronic proceedings of the conference will be published and added to the Russian Science Citation Index. The Conference Committee reserves the right to select papers for publication.  Submitted papers must be between 5 and 8 pages long, must conform to the theme and level of the conference, and must follow the guidelines for formatting.

Formatting Guidelines

1. The Conference Committee reserves the right to select articles for the proceedings. You must submit the text between 20th October and 15th November 2018. No articles will be accepted after the deadline! Your articles should conform to the following formatting:

2. All materials must be put within a single MS Word file (.doc, .docx, or .rtf). The file should be sent as an attachment to your message to . You will receive a confirmation from the Conference Committee.

3. Manual formatting is not allowed. This includes manual indentation, manual aligning, page numbering, tables, etc.). A4, font: Times New Roman, font size: 14, spacing: 1, indentation: 1.25 cm, left margin: 3 cm, other margins: 2 cm, only Cyrillic and Latin characters allowed.

4. Your papers must be between 5 and 8 pages long (including the abstract, keywords, bibliography, and footnotes).

5. The first line of the first page must have the UDC, no indentation, followed by a single empty line. The title must be centrally aligned and written in bold. The author’s name must be below the title, no empty line. The abstract must be separated from the title and the name with a single empty line, and must be formatted as follows: font: Times New Roman, font size: 12, alignment: justified, indentation: 1.25 cm. Annotations must contain a description of the main theme, the aims of the work, and its results. The suggested length of the annotation is 750 characters, including spaces. The next line must contain the keywords (no fewer than 5 to 7). The main text is separated from the keywords with an empty line.

6. The main text is followed by an empty line, then the word Literature (font size: 12, bold, alignment: center). The bibliography is an obligatory element, and must follow GOST 7.1-2003. References to sources within the main text must be put in square brackets and should contain the number of the source and the relevant page. Sources in the bibliography are put in alphabetic order and are numbered. References must follow the format [1, 125], where the first number is the number of the source and the second number is the page. If several sources are referenced, their numbers must be separated by a semicolon: [1, 125; 3, 150]. Any additional comments must be put in endnotes.

7. In case the paper is not in English, the following information is provided in English at the end: the title of the article, the author's surname and initials broadcast, the official name of the institution in English, abstract (about 750 characters with spaces) and key words (at least 5-7).

8. Please do not number the pages.

9. No spacing between paragraphs is allowed.

10. No pages/tables with album orientation are allowed.


Lomonosov Moscow State University

Lomonosov Moscow State University
Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies
Department of Comparative Studies in Literatures and Cultures


Room 335, Leninskie gory, GSP-1, IV Humanitarian Building,
Moscow, Russia

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Cost of participation

Participants will receive the confirmation and the registration fee receipt once the applications and abstracts have been assessed by the Conference Committee. The registration fee is 1500 Rubles. All materials sent, as well as the registration fee, are non-returnable. Accommodation and transportation are at the expense of the participants. Participants from outside Moscow will only receive accommodation if they apply for it in advance.

The registration fee covers the certificate of participation; organizational costs, including the participant’s folder (pens, notepads, event program), coffee breaks, stationery, postal services, etc.; the publication in the electronic proceedings.