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Formatting of the reference list

Formatting of the reference list

References are listed in alphabetical order according to the author's surname, firstly Russian-language references, then foreign, then Internet sites. The text of the abstracts should contain links to all sources from the references. Links in the text of the abstracts are supposed to look like this [1], where 1 - number of a source in the reference list.

Below are examples of formatting of the reference list for theses submitted for participation in the «Lomonosov» conference.

For monographs:

Patsyna V.L., Kvaskov V.D. Atlas of phonetics and Arabic graphics. M., 2003.

Nushikyan E.A. Typology of intonation of emotional speech. Kiev; Odessa, 1986.

Dostoevsky F.M. Full essay collection: In 30 vol. L., 1972-1989. T. 6, 7, 9.

For articles in separate editions and collections:

Knyazev S.V. Phonetic realization of stress in various phrasal positions in modern Russian // Phonetics today: topical problems and university teaching. M, 1998. P. 57-89.

Tkachev I.Y. Semantic feature 'Effect accumulator' and its relevance for the construction of a taxonomic classification of Russian verbs // Proceedings of the XII International conference of students and young scientists "Lomonosov". 12-15 April 2005 T.IV: Foreign languages. Philology. M., 2005.

Pisemsky A.F. The feuilletons of Nikita Bezrylov // Pisemsky A.F. Full. collect. op. SPB.; M., 1913. T. 7. S. 612-625.

For articles in journals and periodical editions:

Pankov F.I. The functional-semantic category of adverbial temporality and the system of meanings of adverbs of time in the Russian language // The Moscow University Herald, Ser. 9. Philology. 2005. No. 1. P. 45-50.


Dictionary of Russian dialects of the Middle Urals / Ed. A.K. Matveeva: In 7 v. Sverdlovsk, 1964-1988.

Fedorova L.G. Quotation // Literary encyclopedia of terms and concepts. M., 2001. P. 507.

For author's abstracts:

Kalyuzhnaya I.A. The concept of "childhood" in German and Russian linguistic cultures.

Author's abstract. diss. ... cand. philol. sciences. Volgograd, 2007.

Internet site and sources from the Internet: