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Case solution requirements & Main evaluation criteria

Case solution requirements & Main evaluation criteria

Case solution requirements:

The case solution should be presented in two files:

1)    Presentation (format .pdf or .pptx) with main provisions of the solution and conclusions (no more than 10 slides);

2)    text file (.pdf or .docx format) with additional information (not more than one A4 page, font 12): calculations, analytical data, links to information sources.

The presentation and the text file must contain different materials. Files with the case solution should be sent before 23 hours 59 minutes, 28th February, 2018 Moscow time to olimpinmsu2018@mail.ru. Cases sent after the deadline will not be considered. Defense of the presentation will be conducted in absentia.

 Main evaluation criteria

The following criteria will be used for assessing of the case solution:

·     The quality of the analysis and validity of the conclusions.

·     Logic and structure of presentation.

·     Quality of presentation’s design.

·     Use of theoretical concepts and management theories.

·     Unconventional thinking in the problem solution.

·     Taking in consideration current economic conditions and conditions.