Conference Overview

24 – 26 November, 2022 at the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University a series of research activities related to the priority areas of science, technology and engineering in the Russian Federation's largest interdisciplinary field of modernity - information and telecommunications systems – will be conducted. This interdisciplinary field brings together representatives from mathematics, computer science, physics and materials science, computer sciences, information sciences and humanities sciences of Russia and foreign countries.

The conference SITITO’2022 is designed to integrate the efforts of the academic community and experts from different countries in order to improve the efficiency of research and development of scientific and technological potential of IT in science, technology, economics, and training of scientific personnel. Traditionally, the conference SITITO’2022 is attended by hundreds of the most active in research and teaching representatives of higher-education teaching personnel, undergraduate and graduate students, representatives of the IT industry. For the duration of the conferences there was gathered a rich collection of scientific works of the conference participants that reflects the history of the development of IT and IT-education system. Currently the Conference is widely known both in Russia and abroad. The number of its participants is growing, and the quality of research papers is enhancing.

The conference were held within the scope of the activities of the Federal educationalmethodical Association in the system of higher education in the enlarged group of specialties and areas of training 02.00.00 Computer and Information Sciences.