APHydro 2014

The 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics

Vladivostok, Россия
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9 - 13 Sep 2014
MSU, Vladivostok, Россия

APHydro 2014

The 7th Asia-Pacific Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics

APHydro (Asia-Pacific Workshop on Marine Hydrodynamics) is a serial international workshop mainly within the Asia-Pacific region concerning hydrodynamics in the area of naval architecture, ocean engineering and other marine related aspects.
The workshop was initiated to organize in 2000, based on four times successful Korea-Japan/Japan-Korea Joint Workshops. An international organizing committee was then formed in 2001, and the international organizing committee determined that the workshop is to be held every two years from 2002. The aim of the workshop is to promote the technical and cultural exchange among hydrodynamic researchers in the Asia Pacific region with good friendship, particularly encourage research activities and idea exchange of young researchers and students.

The workshop welcomes papers in the aspects of hydrodynamics in the area of naval architecture, ocean engineering, underwater technology and other marine related aspects, especially concerning the following topics:
-Ship resistance and hull form
-Ship propulsion and propellers
-Ship motion and control
-Onboard monitoring technology
-Hydrodynamics in ocean engineering
-Underwater technology
-Marine environmental hydrodynamics
-Marine environmental monitoring
-Stratified flows and internal waves
-Mooring system and its dynamics
-CFD in naval architecture and ocean engineering


Lomonosov Moscow State University
Far Eastern Federal University, School of Engineering , Department of Shipbilding and Ocean Engineering.
Organizing Committee.

International Organizing Committee:
Prof. Sergey Antonenko (Far Eastern Federal University)
Prof. Forng-Chen Chiu (National Taiwan University)
Prof. Yonghwan Kim (Seoul National University)
Prof. Yoo Sang Choo (National University of Singapore)
Prof. Ho-Hwan. Chun (Pusan National University)
Prof. Laurence J. Doctors (University of New South Wales)
Prof. Duong Ngoc Hai (Institute of Mechanics VAST)
Prof. Yoshiho Ikeda (Osaka Prefecture University)
Prof. Adi Maimun Abdul Malik ( University Technology Malaysia)
Prof. Guoping Miao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Dr. Naoya Umeda (Osaka University)
Dr. Renchuan Zhu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)


Prof. Sergey ANTONENKO
E-mail: antonenko48@rambler.ru
Tel: +7(423)2513963

About partners

Marine Engineering Company, Vladivostok
Far Eastern Centre of Shipbuilding and Shiprepair, Vladivostok

Cost of participation

300 USD