New in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” (NMMM-XXIII, 30 June – 5 July 2018, Moscow)

Moscow, Russia
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30 Jun - 5 Jul 2018
, Moscow, Russia


New in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” (NMMM-XXIII, 30 June – 5 July 2018, Moscow)


The Conference “New in Magnetism and Magnetic Materials” is a traditional forum for specialists in magnetism with a history tracing back to the 1970-ies. In 2018 it will bring together over 400 experts and specialists from Europe and Asia.


Organization: MIREA - Russian Technological University

 Organizing Committee 

President: Prof.  Alexander Sigov,  

Vice-president: Dr. Alexey Yurasov

Sectretary: Prof. Alexander Pyatakov


Organization issues:
Dr. Alexey 
Yurasov, alexey_yurasov@mail.ru; +7 (916)9141393

Prof. Alexander Pyatakov, pyatakov@physics.msu.ru; +7 (495) 939-41-38 


About partners

Russian Magnetic Society - MAGO

Dear colleagues!

During NМММ-XXIII time, MIREA, the organizer of the conference, together with the official partner, Educational company “Albion”, invites you to participate in the Round Table to discuss the creation of the International Association of “Open Laboratories of the World” and the operating principles of scientific centers- members of the association.

This project, initiated by Albion Company, is based on the dream of many High School students and university students to work among prominent scientists in eminent laboratories.

Nowadays, very few students, in Russia and other countries, can get into these laboratories, nevertheless, this kind of practice allows students study theoretical disciplines more consciously and purposefully, improve analytical thinking, make them acquainted with research work, and as the result help to create self-sufficient, committed personalities. We intend to expand the range of interns at the expense of the operating principles of the Association of “Open Laboratories of the World”:

* the possibility of accepting students from 15 years old or in some cases younger;


* implementation of the Internship both for the fee-paying students and free of charge capable students;

engagement of these Interns in the current research work of the laboratory;

* students’ practice preparation control, plus recommendations and monitoring (support) for independent education of the student after practice;

* students’ migration through the network of "Open Laboratories of the World" for comprehensive education.

We are sure, that such approach will benefit not only the students, but also the participants of the established Association from the point of view of finance, image and development of mutually beneficial contacts.


We will be glad to receive from you suggestions and recommendations for the successful start of such a necessary initiation.

Cost of participation

Participation fee: 5000 rubles