Lomonosov 2017

International Conference for Students and Young Scientists "Lomonosov"

Москва, Россия
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State civil service: current problems and development prospects

The session is organised by the Graduate School of Public Administration, the department of Lomonosov Moscow State University, which aims to train managerial personnel for civil service in accordance with the internationally-recognised educational standards based on Russian educational traditions and the best foreign experience of public administration schools.

Organising Committee:
Antyukhova E. Yu., deputy director of the GSPA MSU for scientific work
Executive Secretary:
Efremova A. A., the GSPA MSU postgraduate student
Expert Council:
Chairman - V.L. Makarov, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, director of the GSPA MSU

Expert Council Members:

Karpenko A. S.,  PhD in psychology, professor of the GSPA MSU,

Eremin V. L., first deputy director of the GSPA MSU,

Antyukhova E. Yu., PhD in philosophy, associated professor of the GSPA MSU, deputy director of the GSPA MSU for scientific work,

Melnik P. V., PhD in pedagogy, associated professor of the GSPA MSU, deputy director of the GSPA MSU for education and training

Kochegura A. P., PhD

 Alexandrova O. N., PhD in economics, associated professor


Discussion issues for the session:

1.  Personnel recruitment and development strategy in state civil service

2.  Efficient personnel management methods in civil service: implementation experience

3.  Personnel practices in civil service: methodological support

4.  Developing civil servants' professionalism

5.  Stimulating motivation for efficient job performance

6.  Developing and implementing innovative educational programmes in civil service

7.  Attracting young specialists to work in public administration

8.  Adaptation mechanisms for personnel entering civil service

9.  Modern executive's image in public administration

10. Personnel crisis in civil service: overcoming techniques

11. Optimising personnel structure in civil service amid  reforms

12. Information and communication in public administration: interaction between agencies

13. Civil service practices: expert and analytical support

14. Implementing advanced management methods in civil service

15. Improving scientific potential of the civil service system



Efremova Alesya Andreevna alesya-efremova@yandex.ru